Frozen Happiness

Frozen Happiness
“Let this touch your heart, my dear one, this my lover’s plea, Trembling here you’ll find me waiting, till you might come to me” Ludwig Rellstab
A man with gray hair was walking briskly down the street. He just finished teaching and was hungry, the lunch time has already passed. He pushed the door open and walked into the burrito place he liked, the upbeat Christmas music effortlessly flowing from speakers inside, a middle aged woman ordering a salad. When she was in the middle of her order, a shabby looking guy quietly came from the opposite side and pointed at the food. He looked homeless, you could see he tried to be tidy; in his early forties, tired and resigned, carrying a backpack. “The line begins at the other side. “– said cashier. No response, he just pointed at the food he wanted and stood there. The girl made him a burrito, he handed her a white plastic card with a blue sign on it. “We do not accept this, you can use it to get some food down the street – do y…

Tempting Fate

Tempting Fate

Wise man said long time ago “Youth is wasted on the young” It could be it's just a lore Or maybe there is more to it.
Let's tickle the Death and annoy the Evil Youth is not wasted on the young Since you cannot outrun the Devil You know Lord of the Flies first hand.
As he looks at you shaking with anger While he takes away all the norms Don't be a house-cat, be a tiger And take Beelzebub by the horns.

To Build

I made it out of paper The wind came and took it away
I made it out of wood And the fire devoured it all
I made it out of stone The earthquake came and now it's gone
I made it out of dreams - It is indestructible!

I Brought You My Soul
I brought you my soul, my most inner desires and deepest secrets, my joy, longing and love. And you said it's not in fashion...
My friends, let's take a breath of fresh air, soak in the beauty and warmth of the Sun.



Some believe dinos are just six thousands years old,
others believed humans could be sold
just like cattle.
Even for my weight in gold
I could not choose
to believe it.

Some believe in building The Wall.
Some believe using bankruptcy law
to get rich is just good business.
Even for my weight in gold
I choose not
to believe it.

You may not know
- it's the most guarded secret -
from what you say and do, some people who can be
more knowledgeable than you and I can imagine,
will draw the map of that person's heart,
for others to see.

And then, we may just have to say
“I need to sit down...”
and cry bitterly.
Because this map
is of the world, that
- for any amount of gold -
You and I refuse to believe in.